We, Q PLUS INTERTRADE CO.,LTD. (QPI), are the Importer-Exporter and Distributor for the Natural and Organic products of Thai ready to cook Set, Dried Thai Herbs & Spices, curry pastes, Infused Oil, ect... which having more than 100 Items under the brand of Sutharos that distribute all the products to domestic and worldwide.

How Sutharos was chosen as the brand.

Sutharos is combined with 2 words

Sutharos is the Thai Premium Brand of Thai Foods and Ingredients with the meaningful of:

Sutha    means Land where we plant the raw material

Ros       means Taste

As slogan The Taste of Thailand

Sutharos has been distributed in locally and to over the world more than 100 SKUs ; such as, Thai Ready to Cook, Thai Herbs and Spices, Thai Curry pastes, Thai Condiments, etc…


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