Healthy Club


Sutharos Healthy Club

What about Sutharos Healthy Club?

Sutharos Healthy Club is one of channels which has been created for all Sutharos ’s members to share and communicate of their experiences, knowledge in healthy foods, healthy body, and healthy mind through this channel to everyone who love to live in healthy life. 

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Why having Sutharos Healthy Club today?

                There are many people keep asking us why we create and have Sutharos Healthy club today, we can tell to everyone that at the moment if we need to know about the healthy information, we will search in google and other search engine and then you can find some post of the documentary or information that some people post in there.

However, we believe that if we can get and discuss directly among people who have their own experience, it may be helpful to get direct knowledge and the most important of having Sutharos healthy club is to get more fun and happiness to create new friends.


Sutharos Healthy Club Activities

  1. Registration Sutharos healthy club member.
  2. Learn how to plant Organic Thai Herbs and Vegetable.
  3. Having fun of cooking Healthy Foods with Sutharos.
  4. Enjoy Sutharos Bento of 999 Sets all area in Thailand.